Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I am a finishing machine!

The Blue Ridge Polymer Clay Guild met last Saturday for its October play day. One of the things we do is have an auction to raise money for our guild. I sent the call out to some of my talented clay friends and I have to say they came through with some beautiful donations which helped raise over $700. Thank you Jana, Sue and Cathy. I got into a clay zone and actually finished several pieces. I also did some experimentation with paint and crackling. You can see that in the pastel piece. I can't say my photography has improved much. It's now just my stuff on top of some granite. I don't think it's helping show off the work any but I am learning as we go.

I have started working on my "full figure" cane which I hope to be one of a series. What I am calling her ironically is my slender girl cane. I still have 80 or so poker chips to do for Clay Carnival in Vegas next month and I have actually done a little work on those.

Hope you enjoy these photos.

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  1. I think the granite shows off the first necklace fantastically. The others may have needed a different surface to reflect their beauty. Each necklace is absolutely gorgeous and I think the crackle effect worked great with the pastel necklace. Beautiful Work!