Thursday, October 22, 2009

Grecian Urn

Here is a scan of my latest cane prior to reduction. I am calling it Grecian Urn. Why...? Why not? Looking at the scan gives you a new perspective after looking at the actual cane for a week. Now I realize she really has some junk in her trunk. Oh well none of us are perfect. She actually has a face (which needs some tweeking) but I think once I reduce all that detail will be completely lost. As I said before I am hoping to do a series like this if she reduces out well. Look for pictures of the reduced cane soon.


  1. Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
    elle est superbe!

  2. Hail the cane maker! I completely admire your talent and tenacity to sit and make these incredible detailed canes! I am left in awe...

  3. OMG!!! You're GREAT!!! I love all of your works!! Fantastic!! 0___0