Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Maasai Woman - part 1

Here is a picture of my Maasai woman's face. I usually do the more detailed parts large then reduce it. I am pleased with the way she came out. It wasn't until I was looking at the photos that I took that I realized that her nostril needs to be lowered but this should be something I can fix later. I have to admit I have become pretty good and fixing my canes whether its with some surgery into the cane or just by manipulating the slices. This is only part 1 because I plan on finishing her head and my end result (if the face reduces OK) she will have a baby on her back. When we stopped at the Maasai village when we were in Africa I was struck by their beauty. I hope to incorporate some of their bead work into my design. At this point I don''t know if I will do this by caning or with actual beads. Who knows I may do both. Also the Maasai clothing just screams to be caned. The beautiful red plaids and stripes are a stark contrast to the earth tones of Africa. Actually they wear red to keep the lions away.
This has been a challenge for me because of the skin tones but I like it and I hope you do too. I let my canes rest overnight and I will reduce her tomorrow.

Big Amber Beads!

Ok while I am still working on my Maasai woman (and yes I did redo her lower lip) I thought I'd post another picture. These are my Big Amber Beads from Tory Hughes' workshop at cabin fever. Now I have to let you know my big is quite different from Tory's big. Hers were about twice the size of mine. I like the beads but as usual for me I never did anything with them.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Patient Caner

Happy Independence Day! Sorry I don't have any pictures this time. I have been working though. I have been working on the face of a Maasai woman. For the Birth of Venus I tried to do shading with Skinner blends. On this piece I thought I'd go for a more "painterly" look. Theresa, the President of Blue Ridge Polymer Clay Guild, has said that I am the most patient caner she knows. Usually I'd have to say that I am not patient about anything but I have to admit I am willing to put in the time. Two days ago I spent about four hours working on my cane and do you know how far I got?.........Well I got her lower lip done. I continued to work on it for the last two days and after looking at it all I can say is that I am not happy with her lower lip. UGH! (please feel happy to insert stronger word here. I know I did) Now I have to decide whether to cut it off and start again or learn to love it. Wait - I think it's looking better already.