Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One armed bandit cane

This is my new project that I am working on that I call "one armed bandit" cane. Alright y'all are thinking Where's the face cane? Well I had shoulder surgery on Dec 2nd and have had my arm in a sling since then which really cuts down on your claying. Well I made this little sketch of a complex cane just for something to do and then I figured out I could do some skinner blends and Ikat canes with the use of my one arm and my trusty motor. I will post some pics of my canes later that I plan on using as components of this massive cane. I hope you enjoy the process of seeing it come together in later posts. Until then Happy New Year.

The New and the Old

It being Dec 31st you can't help but think of the old year you have left behind and the new one that is ahead. I have decided at least for awhile that I will make two post one about an old project and then one about a new project I am working on. If all go well you will see the cane grow from concept to completion. That's a little scary for me because what do I do if my cane turns out a complete bust? Well...hopefully we will all learn from my mistakes.

Ok now for the old. Here is a picture of my second face cane. I was trying to get a little more depth with shading around the jaw line and under the folds over her dress. I was pleased with the way she came out. I had intended to cut her away from the scrap clay I used when I packed the cane but I later decided I liked the look. Or maybe I was just lazy. You will find out as you get to know me that I am not great at finishing pieces. I like the creation of the canes but then I don't know what to do with them.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In the Beginning...

Well I finally have my blog up and I beat my Jan 1st resolution date. I will use this blog to keep those interested in my polymer clay work up to date with my latest work, interests, classes and anything else clay related.

First a little about me. I have been doing polymer clay work for several years but I guess I am most "known" for my face canes. I did my first face about a year ago and you can find a picture of it at the top of this page. Now you may ask yourself "where's the other half?" Well as I said it was my FIRST face cane. If you put her all together she was quite wacky. Not a bad first try and half looks pretty good. I have learned a few things since then enough in fact that people actually want me to teach a class. So thanks to my new friend Annie Hooten I will be doing just that in Mar of 2009 in Albuquerque, NM. If you'd like more information about the workshop email me or Annie. I will be telling you more about the workshop in later posts. I will also be telling you about any current projects that I am working on. Above is a picture of a more current face cane like the one we will be creating at my workshop.