Sunday, August 30, 2009

Enough with the face canes already!

I received my copy of Lindly and Maggie's color book and I have to say it is fantastic. I haven't read it all but I can't wait and it has inspired me to do some different kind of cane work. I love the canes of Carol Simmons. I thought I'd try to do a series on canes with the same color scheme. I have a coral colored sweater that I thought I'd like to make something to wear with it. I started out first by going to the website It's a great site that lets you create a palette. I then went into their create a pattern section to see what the colors looked like together. It was interesting to change the color order and see the results in the pattern. Anyway my palette consists of a coral, purple, green and yellow. I then made a sketch of my cane. Scanned it into the computer. Tweaked it a little. Then I duplicated it like a kaleidoscope. When I first started this blog I had just had my should surgery and had only one arm to work with and that was when I did the One Armed Bandit Cane. As usual I never did much with the cane but I think people liked me posting pictures of the creation of the cane so that is what I am going to do for these canes.

Here is Lindly and Maggie's book on

Friday, August 28, 2009

Maasai Woman Necklace

Ok It's been awhile so I should have gotten something done. Here is a necklace I made form my Maasia woman cane. I have to restring it because I used a magnet closure and it wasn't strong enough to hold together. I like it but I don't think I'll ever actually wear it. It's too big for my taste. (even though I know big is in, it just doesn't go with my usual t-shirt and jeans) I have another necklace almost done that is brighter in colors. I'll post soon.