Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm Going to Kansas City. Kansas City Here I come!

I hope you sang the title of this post.  I am leaving tomorrow to teach a face cane class and I can't get that tune out of my head.  We are going to have a great time.  Wish you here!

Who was it who said that I never get anything finished?.....Oh wait, that was me.  Well I am here to tell you that at least for now that has changed.  I got two new pieces done that I left with Ellen and Sue at the Create Journey Studio.  Of course once I did that I didn't have anything left so I got to work.  I finished a framed piece with my grandmothers cane in it.  I also did a few more framed piece centered around my mosaic faces.

 I also went back to some of my fairy tale canes.  I have written about my little red riding hood cane but I don't think I mentioned much about my Beauty and the Beast cane.  I think I was working on that when I got the brainstorm for the bowl.  Well I wanted to send a piece to my niece who was nice enough to pick up a new iphone for me.  (Verizon pisses me off but that is another story)  Anyway I came up with this cylindrical pendant.

  From it are little tiles which say "Beauty comes from within".  I liked the way they looked.  They reminded me of scrolls.  I did another Beauty and the Beast.  I just now realized, as the picture loaded, that the image is reversed.  It's funny to me because usually I have my pieces in the orientation that I built them which would have been like the first one. Oh well since they are canes it makes no difference.

I then decided to make a some with my Little Red Riding hood cane.  I managed to get the cane slice to wrap around completely.  Working the tree and the bushes together to hide the seam.  Really looks cool up close.

On one the tiles read "sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth"  the other says "wolves lurk in every guise".  I need my nephew back to take some better pictures.  I hope you enjoy.