Thursday, October 22, 2009

Grecian Urn

Here is a scan of my latest cane prior to reduction. I am calling it Grecian Urn. Why...? Why not? Looking at the scan gives you a new perspective after looking at the actual cane for a week. Now I realize she really has some junk in her trunk. Oh well none of us are perfect. She actually has a face (which needs some tweeking) but I think once I reduce all that detail will be completely lost. As I said before I am hoping to do a series like this if she reduces out well. Look for pictures of the reduced cane soon.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I am a finishing machine!

The Blue Ridge Polymer Clay Guild met last Saturday for its October play day. One of the things we do is have an auction to raise money for our guild. I sent the call out to some of my talented clay friends and I have to say they came through with some beautiful donations which helped raise over $700. Thank you Jana, Sue and Cathy. I got into a clay zone and actually finished several pieces. I also did some experimentation with paint and crackling. You can see that in the pastel piece. I can't say my photography has improved much. It's now just my stuff on top of some granite. I don't think it's helping show off the work any but I am learning as we go.

I have started working on my "full figure" cane which I hope to be one of a series. What I am calling her ironically is my slender girl cane. I still have 80 or so poker chips to do for Clay Carnival in Vegas next month and I have actually done a little work on those.

Hope you enjoy these photos.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Blue and White - cane 3

Ok this is the last of my new canes. Our Asheville guild puts a display up in the local library each year. It was decided that we would do a blue and white theme this year. I was still in an anti-face cane mood so I came up with this. I think I really need to buy one of those door peep holes like Judy Belcher talks about in her DVD. I can see that a lot of my work was wasted time once it got reduced. Although sometimes it's the little blends and details that can give depth to the cane. I did like working in the monochromatic color scheme because it was real easy to use up your scraps. The cane ended up weighing over three pounds and after reduction I had over five feet of cane. Didn't do a great job matching up when it came to kaleidescoping but I think it ended up with fairly good results. Using eight sections allows for easy conversion to a square which is nice for variation. I also made a cane up with three squares on top of each other to make an elongated pendant. I think most of this cane will end up as poker chips for the Clay Carnival in Vegas this year.

I hope you like it. I am going back to face canes or make that figure canes. I think I will do a little less detail on the next one but make a full figure. (That is a whole body as opposed to one with big breasts ala "full figured gal")

Side note - I like to see where people come from who read my blog. My stat counter gives frequent search words. After looking over this post I realized that I may get some strange visitors. Like those who search for peep holes and big breasts! Ahh the internet is a wonderful but sometimes creepy thing.