Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mosaic portrait of actress Sophie Turner

I was watching my favorite TV show, Game of Thrones, when I was intrigued with the face of the actress Sophie Turner who plays the character Sansa Stark.  I took a screen capture with computer and knew that I had found my next portrait.  This was going to be a challenge for me since it was the first time trying to do a portrait of this kind in color.  The finished dimensions are 40 X 30 inches.  I lost count of the number of canes that I made for this but I'd guess around 50, not counting the gray toned background tiles which were left over from my son's portrait.  I'd say at least 5 pounds of clay and many, many, many hours of labor.

Broke out the food process when face this this much clay to condition.

Some of the canes I created for this portrait.

All of the canes had to be reduced to the same 1/2 inch

Then the canes are sliced, baked and sorted.

Video of the process
click below
I took the following pictures and posted to Facebook.  There was much debate over who it was.  The guesses ranged from Obama to Scarlett Johannsson.  Gillian Anderson was a popular guess but her identity was revealed when someone suggested Sophie Turner. (it probably didn't hurt that the guesser knew I was a big fan)