Monday, October 5, 2009

Blue and White - cane 3

Ok this is the last of my new canes. Our Asheville guild puts a display up in the local library each year. It was decided that we would do a blue and white theme this year. I was still in an anti-face cane mood so I came up with this. I think I really need to buy one of those door peep holes like Judy Belcher talks about in her DVD. I can see that a lot of my work was wasted time once it got reduced. Although sometimes it's the little blends and details that can give depth to the cane. I did like working in the monochromatic color scheme because it was real easy to use up your scraps. The cane ended up weighing over three pounds and after reduction I had over five feet of cane. Didn't do a great job matching up when it came to kaleidescoping but I think it ended up with fairly good results. Using eight sections allows for easy conversion to a square which is nice for variation. I also made a cane up with three squares on top of each other to make an elongated pendant. I think most of this cane will end up as poker chips for the Clay Carnival in Vegas this year.

I hope you like it. I am going back to face canes or make that figure canes. I think I will do a little less detail on the next one but make a full figure. (That is a whole body as opposed to one with big breasts ala "full figured gal")

Side note - I like to see where people come from who read my blog. My stat counter gives frequent search words. After looking over this post I realized that I may get some strange visitors. Like those who search for peep holes and big breasts! Ahh the internet is a wonderful but sometimes creepy thing.


  1. OMG!!!! Wonderful!!! I love all of your canes!!! Forgive me for my english, I speak a little.

  2. Hi Julie, I was in your room at Clay Carnival last year (I don't get to go this year, sadly). I love your canes and really enjoy your blog. I saw a little humor in this latest cane though. If you look at the 5th picture, it almost looks like a "silly face" cane, there are two eyes, a head full of curly hair, and a funny question mark mouth. It just struck me as cute since you said you were on an anti face kick. Keep making such interesting canes. Hugs, Sue C

  3. Eccezionale, very very very nice work! Very nice!

  4. Thanks for the nice comments. You know I saw the "face" too. Maybe I am destined to do face canes!

  5. I love your work -- am also enamored by Carol Simmons work. One thought -- Sarah Shriver says to always wrap an individual thin piece in either white or black to help it not get lost next to a similar value color. Hope that helps! regards, nt

  6. bonjour
    je viens de découvrir ton talent et je émerveillée par tes canes extraordinaires
    elles sont merveilleuses.
    est ce que tu vends tes canes ?
    Je suis française , ici on trouve pas de tems merveilles.
    merci pour mes yeux :-))))))))))))))))

  7. MERVEILLEUX... fantastique; cette cane est divine !