Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mosaic portrait of actress Sophie Turner

I was watching my favorite TV show, Game of Thrones, when I was intrigued with the face of the actress Sophie Turner who plays the character Sansa Stark.  I took a screen capture with computer and knew that I had found my next portrait.  This was going to be a challenge for me since it was the first time trying to do a portrait of this kind in color.  The finished dimensions are 40 X 30 inches.  I lost count of the number of canes that I made for this but I'd guess around 50, not counting the gray toned background tiles which were left over from my son's portrait.  I'd say at least 5 pounds of clay and many, many, many hours of labor.

Broke out the food process when face this this much clay to condition.

Some of the canes I created for this portrait.

All of the canes had to be reduced to the same 1/2 inch

Then the canes are sliced, baked and sorted.

Video of the process
click below
I took the following pictures and posted to Facebook.  There was much debate over who it was.  The guesses ranged from Obama to Scarlett Johannsson.  Gillian Anderson was a popular guess but her identity was revealed when someone suggested Sophie Turner. (it probably didn't hurt that the guesser knew I was a big fan)


  1. Beautiful! What an accomplishment ☺

  2. Wow! Thank you for showing all your hard work. Wonderful creation.

  3. An Incredible Accomplishment, Julie! Kudos to you!
    Thank you for sharing this.

  4. You are an incredible artist Julie!!

  5. Fantastic work Julie! Where did you get the base with the acrylic spacers that you used the brayer on to reduce the canes all to 1/2 inch? Is it available for purchase somewhere? Thanks.

  6. It's from my "Able Cane Slicer" that I bought years ago at a synergy in Baltimore. Never worked too good for me as a slicer but I like how you can stack the acrylic strips to get the height you want. Not sure if you can find them anymore.

  7. I am stunned at the amount of shear work, and the talent to be able to "see" this layout one piece at a time. Brilliant, beautiful and amazing are some of the words that come to mind when viewing this work.

  8. Здорово!!!! Я вижу такое первый раз!

  9. OMG! So so unbelivable!!! Thanks for the share.

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