Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Treasures from Synergy

For those of you who missed Synergy here is another reason to start saving your nickels and dimes for Synergy 2012. Here are some of the treasures that I acquired while at Synergy. Some are items I purchased in the gallery. Others were purchased from Elise Winters personal stash at rediculously low prices. I am sure most of you know about Elise Winters and her attempts to raise polymer to a higher artistic level. She spoke at Synergy about being a DINK (double income no kids) and her fear of her polymer collection ending up on a garage sale table. Because of this she has donated a large portion of her collection to the Racine Arts Museum just outside of Chicago. She also presented attendees with the opportunity to purchase some of her collection at very low prices. The sale was a bit of a feeding frenzy. Picture drooling polymer enthusiasts racing to the tables for their chance to own some polymer treasures. I still can't believe that I let petite Bridget Downey block me out and grab the beautiful necklace created by Carol Simmons. It was a rare case of restraint on my part. Bridget emerged unbruised and I walked away with some treasures of my own. I was able to snap a pair of earring made Judith Skinner. Earrings by Judy Belcher and Debbie Jackson. A pin by Gwen Gibson and a necklace by Donna Kato. I will not tell you how low the prices were but I will tell you that there was a big smile on my face. Elise can rest well tonight knowing that her pieces are loved and appreciated. And to the artists whose work was represented I am sure there are others like me who now own little works of art that we may never have had it not been the generosity of Elise.
I did break down and purchase a pendant by Carol Simmons so that Bridget could quit worrying ab out me ripping hers off her neck! I also purchase a pin by Sarah Shriver and some earrings by Jenn Dorian who lives in the town next to my home town.

Throughout my blog I have made the attempt to drop the "clay" and just call it polymer. This idea was raised during Synergy with the thought this would help to not confuse us with earthen clay. I would like to call it polymer art clay. I think this makes it different and I think sounds better than just polymer. It's just a thought.


  1. I am so happy for you. You have acquired some exquisite pieces of art. And you have inspired me to start saving for 2012's Synergy! I have dropped the "clay" on my blog also and am just using "polymer". I like the term "polymer art" myself. The pure metal clays are sometimes referred to as polymer art clays (even though they are metal), but I'm on board with whatever the general consensus is.

  2. Beautiful collection of some of the great artists...wow...what a treasure! I would still like "clay" mentioned...so I like your idea of calling it polymer art clay. Glad you had a fabulous time at Synergy. One of these I would like to go.

  3. Lucky you. I missed that sale but I did get a pair of Ford & Forlano earrings.

  4. I love you canes and your blog has always been a great inspiration. I have presented you with a blog award. find it on my blog Polymer Passion.