Monday, November 30, 2009

Poinsettia tutorial part 1

So it's the day before Thanksgiving and the house is a wreck. What do I do? Clean you say? Hell no! I decide to make a poinsettia cane. Well actually five. Then I decide I'd post it as a tutorial to share. Now you certainly don't have to make all of the shade variations but why make it easy when complicated keeps you away from the housework longer.

So to start with you will need 4 skinner blends that are in four shades of red. (dark, med dark, med light and light) Have each blend go from dark to a lighter shade. To make the different shades start with your basic red. To this add small amounts of black and green to make the darker shades or add white to make lighter shades. Experiment. Don't be afraid of mixing colors. Just add in small increments. Make a bulls eye cane with the lighter in the middle. Roll out a thin sheet of clay in a shade darker than the cane.


  1. Merci de votre partage, je suis un fan, vos canards face sont pour moi un éblouissement et moi qui aime dessiner des portraits vous êtes un GREAT

  2. thank yuu for sharing!! your artwork is amazing.. more than icredible faces!! congrats

  3. Wow!!!! I know it is three years later but I am blown away by the dot matrix type art that I see from your guild!!! They are amazing and the poinsettias are cool too. That is how I found this I was looking for a way to make a poinsettia charm or earrings for the season. Anyway you all are amazing...hope you still meet and work together....wish I could have been part of that on earth did you all learn all that???!!!! Amazing.