Thursday, January 1, 2009

Color, Color, Color???

Do y'all struggle with color? I do. I am pretty good at mixing colors but not great at coming up with a pleasing palette. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. For my one armed bandit piece I decided to go with the bright colors. The cuff bracelet that I have posted pics of here was one of the first pieces that I made that I really liked. I had discovered the greatness of fine grit sandpaper and I loved the smooth finish I got. Unfortunately it was before I discovered Kato clay and the bracelet cracked. The canes were just a mish mash of canes but I liked the vibrant colors and thought I'd go for a more planned attack for this cane but get similar end results. (And hopefully better results). I have included a pic of a colored in picture to give me a better look at the colors. I use my computer a lot when planning my canes but with one arm I went back to colored pencils for this. It still gives me a look to follow. I also have included some Ikat cane slices that I made. I made these after watching Donna Kato's DVD. (I just have to add that I just love Donna Kato! It was watching her on Carol Duvall that got me into polymer clay and for that I thank her. Well more on her later) Sometimes I have a habit of creating too complex a design and it gets lost in the final results. That may be happening here but we shall see.
I hope you all had a Happy New Year!.

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