Monday, January 5, 2009

I need help.

Is it OK to whine on your blog? I am stuck on my one armed bandit cane, my shoulder aches and I am beginning to think my cane looks like I vomited leftover canes. I want it to be colorful but have I gone too far? I was all set to post on this "mother" of a skinner blend. (Which I really loved) when the whole thing started to look like too much. And I repeat I don't like the Grinch green! Well I thought to try to incorporate more of it (that's real smart huh if you don't like it add more?) I made the "brainy" parts with a skinner blend of yellow and this grinch green. Didn't like it(what a surprise) Didn't take a picture of it either. I will post some of the skinner blend and a modified cane idea. Please if anyone is still reading please give me your thoughts. I think I suffer a little of caning ADD (as in attention deficit disorder) I really want to get back to my face canes. I have been doing a lot of thinking about that and if what I want to do comes out like a planned it it will more than make up for the Grinch Green! OK I'm rambling and I have reached my limit of parenthesis for this post! (just kidding!)


  1. Walk Away. Just put it down and walk away. (Actually, I find talking a walk or even just going outside and looking at the stars, helps to clear the overload.) As a photographer, one of our rules of thumb, is that the eye travels 1st to the lightest spot (Grinch Green?). Love your work.

  2. I'm so enjoying watching this progress....I say "keep at it"! The black and white really makes the rest of it pop. I'm really waiting, though, for the face canes!!!!

  3. Hmmmm, I think I agree that the grinch green doesn't work with the rest of the palette. However, having said that I think that when the cane is reduced it may very well look great :) I also agree that you need to "step away from the clay table!" Let it sit for a day, rest the shoulder and then go back to it. before you know it you will be working on that face cane you are thinking of.

    Kathi (