Friday, January 2, 2009

Africa here I come!

A good friend of mine and I are going to Africa in May. In honor of this trip I made two canes. The first was a lion that I entered (and won) in Polymer Clay Central's monthly challenge. The second was of a Masai woman. I tried some new things with this last cane mostly with how I did some of the shadings and her nose. Let me tell you noses are the hardest when it comes to face canes. One of the problems that I had with this cane was matching colors. Unlike some of my previous face canes I used Kato brown straight out the package. I thought I was making it easier on myself because one of the challenges in my face canes is the shear quantity of clay it takes and being sure you have enough of the same color. Well my problem came when I ran out of brown and the old formula brown did not match the new formula brown. I am not really happy with her forehead because of this but it is another lesson to be learned. I did like the way her fabric turned out and I do hope when I actually get back from Africa I can tell you more about the beaded neck rings they wear.


  1. I'm just in awe of your face canes!!! This one is gorgeous! Will you be taking beads/pendants to trade? I love the fabric of her clothes and the zebra border and on and on and on!!!!!!

  2. Your work is absolutely fantastic! I especially love the detail of your face canes. Keep up the great work!