Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Price Is Right!

I have a free tutorial posted at It is on cane reduction. Go here to learn everything that I know about cane reduction. Ok not everything but a lot! Nothing earth shattering in it but for those new to polymer clay I think it will be helpful. I am still working on my 5 from 1 cane class. In between packing boxes. I can't believe how much s#!t I have accumulated over a mere 28 years. Although I was glad I was a saver when I found a note written by one of my sons when he was little. It said "You are the best Mom I've ever had". Awww! I love that boy. And yes I did keep the note! To Hell with throwing things away!


  1. That's a beautiful kaleidoscope cane. Good luck on getting into the new space. I hope you share photos. Hopefully, I will be going through the same thing soon.

  2. Beautiful cane .. very "pleasing" design. I'm eagerly awaiting your 5 from one cane class. Good luck with the move.