Sunday, July 4, 2010

25 Feet of Heaven

Well I am knee deep in cardboard boxes. I can't find anything. (actually I never could) The place is a wreck. (OK it's a wreck most of the time) We close on the house in a three weeks. I know I should be going through closets and drawers and throwing things away. I just can't seem to get going. It's the same thing when ever I try to clean. I always say I have ADD (as in Attention Deficit Disorder) when it comes to cleaning. I start packing one box. I see something needs to go into another room. I get up walk into that room. About this time I forget what I came in here for and start doing something else. My sister has always said I should "pretend" that I am moving which supposedly would make me do what I am failing to do right now. Pretend or real moving is a bitch. I keep reminding myself of the 25 feet of heaven that I will have at the new house. Pictured is the unfinished attic space that we plan to convert into my studio. It is 25 feet long. I assured my husband that ALL of my craft stuff will fit into this room. Man I hope that is true. I have stuff in just about every room of this house. How does this happen? Don't answer that. Have they ever made a polymer clay tool that I could live without? Not to mention hobbies of the past. This is where I should cut down but you know...ADD and all. I figure if it doesn't get done now it will when I unpack the boxes. I think there is a circle of Hell that has you in a room with endless cardboard boxes to open. 25 feet of heaven.. 25 feet of heaven. 25 feet of heaven. 25 feet of heaven. OK I feel better now. Back to the Hell...I mean the boxes.


  1. Wow... you sound exactly like me cleaning... and I do have ADD. Diagnosed 15 years ago.. I finally got all my cleaning and packing away almost done while I was home alone last week.. lol. I am jealous of your 25 feet of heaven... I'm sure you will put it off till the last minute (just like me) Best way to organize is have big boxes to sort into (that way you don't leave the room) the later you take that box to desired room. I hope this helps... from one ADD crafter to another.

  2. Ooooh....I'm envious. I would just be happy with a little shed in the garden :).

  3. I was an avid decorative painter for 20 plus year before discovering polymer clay and when we were getting ready to move out of a perfectly good 3 bedroom house into a 35 foot long motor home (my husband's idea - not mine!), he strongly suggested that I pack my painting stuff first so I could then concentrate on the rest of the house without getting distracted. He knew me LOL! It worked - up to a point - but nearly drove me crazy in the process!! He's passed away now, the motor home is sold and somebody else's problem and I have nice large studio to spread my stuff out in - YEA! My studio is 18 feet square which you would think would be big enough... I envy you your 25 feet!!!