Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cabin Fever Clay Festival Swap

Sorry that I have been gone for so long but I have been busy. I am attending the Cabin Fever Clay Festival that is held in Baltimore next week. Part if the festivities is a swap held the last night. We are suppose to bring 70 items to swap. The theme is Mardi Gras. I had originally designed a cane that had a black and white mask on it. As I stated in an earlier post I @$%#ed it up. So I came up with this fleur de lis design. Last year we made zipper pulls. To be honest I only used one of them. It was a beautiful butterfly made by one of this year teachers Kim Korringa. I had it hanging off my pocketbook until it broke off and I lost it. We had no instructions on what to make this year other than the Mardi Gras them so I made pendants. Of course I missed count and made too many. Dummy! You can see the cane above. When I made the actual pendants I tried something new. I added a little Genesis paint to give them an aged look. I didn't have the patience to sand all of the pieces this year so I used cornstarch prior to baking to give them a nice matte finish. I will be gone until Mar 7th so I probably won't post again until after that.

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