Tuesday, September 15, 2009

cane - part 3

Well here are some beads that I made using the cane I built. I used up some of the left over clay to make another cane. I didn't post pictures of this cane as I built it because I was just winging it. I made some bracelets using this cane. I was able to make three different canes from each original cane. I need to post some more pictures of these canes. I am not completely satisfied with the colors of the second cane. It was meant to be coordinating with the first cane but since I was being el cheapo and using left overs the colors got muted and don't match the first cane. They are all right by themselves though.

It is quite an accomplishment for me to actually finish some pieces. I have gotten much better about that. I even did a pattern on the back. I have donated the beads to the bead jar for the Blue Ridge Polymer Clay Guild which will be auctioned off next month. I plan on donating a bracelet too.


  1. Julie that cane out awesome! and your finished stuff is great! I have the hardest time finishing things too :D