Tuesday, September 1, 2009

cane #1

Ok so I spent the first two days deciding on my color formulas and conditioning what I hope will be enough clay for three canes. (I don't think I am going to make it) As I said I am posting some pictures of the creation of this cane. Sorry about the lousy photos but I didn't want to take time out to set up lights just to take these pictures. I have to say working with these canes is a lot easier than face canes. Of course I am trying to follow my pattern but I don't think it will matter as much as when I am constructing a face. (At least I hope it won't) You can see where I marked with an arrow (about pic #7) where I did not do a good job packing the cane and there is a bit of a dip. Now for this cane I am hoping that it won't detract from the cane. Had this been say an eye and I had a dip my face could easily end up with a scorned look on her face. Of course it has been a while since I did a complex cane like this one so lets keep our fingers crossed that what I say is true. The first one I did from Jana Roberts Benzon's Arabesque Caning DVD. (A great DVD for caning and reducing) You can also see between the last two pics that I performed some "surgery" on my cane in order to add a dark green line. It called to me that it need this. It also helps smooth out some of the bumps. The first picture show how I build my canes. I put my pattern under glass and build up on this. For latter pictures I moved the cane under the light for the photos.

Stay tuned for more pics!

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