Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cane 1 - part 2

Well here is the rest of my cane. I scanned it into the computer and put it together to see what it might look like if the reduction works. I hope it looks that good. As I said I was inspired by Carol Simmons' work as I found in the new Color Book. Well I may have been inspired by her but I can see I have a log way to go. I searched the Internet to see if I could find some more examples of her work and I found this link to her William Morris inspired cane. I don't think anyone will confuse my cane with one of hers. Her detail is exquisite.


  1. I think your canes are gorgeous and your face canes are out of this world!
    We are practically clay neighbors with you in Charlotte and me in Virginia Beach - ;o)

  2. So, so beautiful Julie! It is very fun to see your process. Your sense of color and design is impeccable. Something most caners only dream of accomplishing!

  3. Oh...if I could only make a cane like yours. I especially like this kalidescope cane that you made. I'll look forward to seeing it in person. Helen