Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Face Pendants

For those who know me you know it's rare when I actually finish something. Well I actually finished something! Several somethings! This Sat I am going to Asheville NC for one of our guild's twice yearly clay "play days". We have a silent auction where members bring in pieces for the auction to help raise money for our guild. I decided that I should make a couple of face pendant pieces to donate. (Along with one of my Obama pins) Here is what I have made. You can see pictures of my "Gibson Girl" cane below. The other face (with the hat) is one I made during my face cane class in Albuquerque. The last was made with my DaVinci cane. Since I used some surface treatments (gold and silver leaf) I needed to seal the pieces. I used two methods. Some I did with liquid Kato and a heat gun. The darker Gibson Girl and DaVinci pieces I used Lisa Pavelka's magic gloss. This was the first time that I have used this product and I have to say that I have high hopes for the product and I do like the look and feel of the gloss. I think liquid Kato has a bit of a rubbery feel that I don't like but at least I have finally learned how to get it clear by using a heat gun. The Magic Gloss I purchased while at Cabin Fever. It has to be exposed to UV light. I used good old sun light. It worked as far as hardening. Applying it wasn't as easy as I liked. The product wants to "dome up" and therefore pulls away from the side or creates what I call islands of gloss. If you keep adding the stuff you can finally get it covered except for the sides. It's not cheap so I tried to use as little as possible. The instructions say you can add multiple coats but I found it hard to get it smooth without putting another full thick coat. As the instructions say you can sand it which is good. It also said you could re bake the piece. When I did this you can see how much it darkened. I think this was because I baked it at 325 degrees which is what I bake my Kato pieces at. As I said I do like it but I have to learn how to work with it. I guess that's enough rambling about Magic Gloss. If anyone reading this has any advice on using it please let me know.

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