Monday, May 7, 2012

The Many Faces of Columbus, Ohio

First so sorry for the long gap between posts.  Geeesh ....Feb was my last post.  You'd think I was out solving the problems of the world.  But I am back.
Just back from teaching a face cane class in Columbus, Ohio.  Thanks so much to my host Jeanette Kandray for making it such a great weekend.  Thanks also to all of my super students.  I worked them hard the first day but most got finished or near to finished with their canes.  I think they did a fantastic job.  I can spend up to three weeks on one face cane so getting this much done in a weekend is certainly a job well done.
Here are some pictures from my class.  I will be teaching this class again in Aug at the Creative Journey Studios outside of Atlanta.  We are close to finalizing a teaching gig in Kansas City in October.  Let me know if you are interested in either of these classes and I will get you in touch with the proper people.

We had a great time in Columbus so why don't you join me for the next go-round?


  1. I participated in this workshop and it was soooooo much fun. It was a lot of work with a wonderful teacher who made you believe that you could do this. And I did. To anyone who takes this class, you have a great teacher with the patience of a saint. Thanks Julie for sharing your skills with us all.
    Dee Johnson

  2. Not only is Julie a great teacher, but she is so much fun! She kept the atmosphere very light and positive while teaching us a great deal. We had a wonderful time and everyone who participated came away with great face canes. Thanks Julie!
    Jeanne Dumond