Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cabin Fever and Synergy

Well I am back from Cabin Fever Clay Festival and Synergy. What can I say? It was a fabulous time. I am still recovering (catching up on sleep) It started with a two day work shop with Jeff Dever. He and Kathleen Dustin were the top two artists on my "must take a workshop from" list. Neither let me down. Jeff is just a really nice guy. He like Kathleen is very open and willing to share with all of his students. I love his style (and I am not referring to his matching pink socks and shirt as lovely as they were) but to his artistic style. His pod necklaces, pins and such are both simple and complex in thought. His attention to detail and finishing is evident when watching him work. As a class we opted to hear and learn as much from him as we could in the two days rather than being given more time to work on our own projects. Therefore I have nothing to show (at this time) from his workshop. I do plan on finishing something. (I know famous last words from me!) If you ever get a chance to attend a Jeff Dever workshop I would recommend you jump at the chance.

Cabin Fever had an excellent lineup of instructors this year. I took classes from Louise Fischer Cozzi, Sarah Shriver, Maureen Carlson, Grant Diffendaffer, Lisa Pavelka and Ronna Sarvas Weltman. Other instructors there were Kathryn Ottman, Cindy Silas, Nan Roche, Tony Aquino, Maggie Maggio, Jana Roberts Benzon, Lindly Huanani, Dayle Doroshow and Laurie Mika. In addition to being an instructor Nan Roche was a frequent student. She attended Jeff's class right along with us. It was surreal when the woman who literally wrote the book on polymer clay is sitting right next to you in class. It was also a tad bit amusing when Nan raised her hand to ask "what do you do to get it out of the form when you have forgotten the release agent?" I guess we all make mistakes. The classes were varied. From making rings and bracelets to intricate canes and faux raku.

I met some new friends Foremost was Katie Way from Alaska. She has excellent taste. (She purchased one of my "mosaic" necklaces) and she didn't complain when my stuff spilled over into her work area. OK I admit I liked her right away when she told me she used my picture of my mosaic cane as her wallpaper on her computer. (I told you she has great taste!) I hope to get up to Alaska to teach a class. Come join us!

Stay tuned for more on Synergy.


  1. Hi Julie,
    I met you at CFCF, I was the one who made the prim yellow birdie & missed out on the famous Julie Eakes face slice! Arghh! lol
    I wanted to let you know how much I marvel at your work, unbelievable! I wish we would have gotten to know each other better. I'll be following on your blog. I have a blog if you'd like to visit, I'm not a frequent poster.

  2. Hello Julie,
    We were not introduced at CFCF but I did learn who you are. I returned home with a slice of your cane that you reduced that weekend. I do remember hearing the "bang, bang. bang " echoing through the hotel stairways. Then when I went back to the workroom to be given this wonderful slice of this magnificent cane THANK YOU. This slice is one of the most wonderful memories from CFCF.
    Again Thank you.

  3. Hi Julie,
    I just got home last night and my brain is fried! So much information and inspiration packed in just a few days. What fun we had! I enjoyed visiting with you at CFCF and Synergy and look forward to you coming to Alaska. I can't wait to show off my necklace at Friday's Art Walk in Anchorage. I LOVE IT! You are super talented!
    -Katie Way